Molly's Flowers

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations. All Illustrations in this book were made with Crayons.

 Molly's Flowers
Enjoy 5 Stories, Read, Meet and Enjoy Molly Cow,  Mae Mouse, Freddie Fox, Chester Chipmunk, Howie Horse and many more...

Harriet Fremont-Smith, affectionately known as "Hattie", was born in 1936 and raised in the New England area. She grew up alongside her 4 brothers seeking adventure and love. In 1955 she found true love within the heart of her husband, Maurice Fremont-Smith, which led to more love and many adventures as a wife, mother, grandmother, sales representative, and executive receptionist.

Harriet created Molly the cow as a bedtime companion for her 9 children in the 1970's to watch over their hearts and dreams. Molly continues to look after her 30 grandchildren, 8 great grandchildren, and now all the children of the world.

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