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Sonna Chronicles

My husband and I decided to create this project last year, but now I took it and decided to start it. The script by him and and illustrations by me, a story that tries to explain what is depression feel like. Hoping you like it and follow it through Webtoons.

"We all have an inner abyss, in which our internal demons try to sink us as much as possible ... Can she be able to get out from the abyss, or will she fall even deeper?" Story by Gabriel B.G. and Drawings by CutyDina."

  • Genres: Drama, Fantasy
  • Status: Updated from time to time

My life in Doodles

Comic Strips I decided to create. The first one was made as a personal relief, and then I decided to make strips just for fun. My strips are been uploaded via Webtoons, if you want to follow me and read more of them.

"Just a bunch of doodles of things that happen in my life every day."
  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Status: Updated from time to time

Some strips:

Avi the wasp

Webcomic pilot chapter I draw for Webtoons. It was my first attempt to start writing comics on this platform, I also have 2 versions of it, since it was my first time drawing for this website, I used originally an A4 layout comic and a Webtoons comic style. Read in the one you feel more comfortable.

"Avi the wasp was a lonely insect hunter who hate humans and other insects... But due to his hatred for humans, her life changed forever."

  • Genres:Romance, Drama
  • Status:Finished project.

Full Comic A4 Layout

Tiras Chibis

Videogame and anime strip parodies made for KoriStudio. We only do three chapters, parodies from Nier Automata, Darling in the FranXX and Persona 5.

"Comic strips based on video games and anime."
  • Genres:Comedy, Parody
  • Status:Finished project.

Some strips:

Bollodramas Cibernéticos

Webcomic made for KoriStudio, full webcomic is in Spanish.

"Tara is a pink hair girl who loves cats ... Noa is her girlfriend and also ... an android."
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Status: Finished project

Some strips:

Rika's Family

Webcomic and Webseries based on our life with our pets. Initiate as a comic for a blog, and then it became a web-comic and later we do some animation shorts about us.

"Have fun with the adventures of Rika, a narcissistic parrot and the problems she gives to her owners and their other pets."
  • Genres:Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Status:Project on hold, we are expecting doing new products with this characters.

Some strips:

Also some animations:

More episodes at Kori Studio Youtube Channel.

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