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Due amount of work. commissions are closed. Sorry for the inconvenience😓. But you can support me via Patreon or Ko-fi to help me dedicate myself more to my own projects.💗

Hello, I'm open to any kind of commission regarding my skills. You can see my rates for the most common commissions I've worked in. Prices are in USD dollars. Feel free to contact me if you need a more specific budget Also, I have started to use Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), so if you want to work in that currency, please feel free to ask me 💗.


  • Payment will be paid upfront via PayPal. If you want to work via PPH, Upwork or Fiverr, price will be increased with commission fee. Sometimes I have some discounts on those pages, so feel free to buy commissions on the mentioned pages if you want.
  • I'm open to NSFW illustration/animations as long as it's not an illegal topic.
  • Source File delivery will have a $15 USD fee.**
  • I will not work under pressure, if you have a deadline, please let me know before start so I can tell you if I can deliver for that date.
  • Paid commissions includes Commercial use, and also Copyright will be granted to you, and if you don't want me to upload to my website later, please tell me when finished.
  • Long-term jobs or more than 10 illustrations/animations can have the 20% discount by prepaying. For example, complete children's books, group employee cartoon characters, long-term YouTube videos, etc..
  • Illustrations can include a very simple background, such as plain or gradient color, some texture, etc.. For complex backgrounds you can see price "With Background".

**About Source Files

Despite having studied Adobe software, it is not software that I like to use. So if you want the source file you should know I usually useAffinity Suite and Clip Studio Paint for my professional work. If you need the source file in Adobe Suite format (Illustrator,Photoshop, InDesign, etc..), please tell me before starting, if not, I do not respond if the file has some issues in this software. I will usually provide EPS or PSD file as source file, but if you have Affinity Suite or Clip Studio Paint please tell me and I have no problem on send those as source files.


These are my most common commissions, however, if you need a budget for a more specific project or one that is within my skills, do not hesitate to write me and I will gladly make a custom budget for you.

Cartoonish Avatars

Not as detailed as digital painting, simple shadows, need a good photo for creation.

  • Torso: $30
  • Full Body: $50
  • With Background: $80

Couple Portraits

For a invitation wedding, an anniversary gift, or just having a funny cartoon of both.

  • Torso: $50
  • Full Body: $70
  • With Background: $100

Digital Painting

Detailed illustration such as posters, fanarts or anything you want to be created. Illustrations will be fully detailed.

  • Torso: $60
  • Full Body: $80
  • With Background: $120

Mascot Design

Full mascot design, can be human, animal, etc.. No problem adapting to different styles or techniques..

  • Just Character: $50
  • Adapted to logo: $70
  • Ready for animation: $120

Comic strips

Comic Strips or full comic pages. No problem adapting to different styles or techniques.

  • Comic Strip (3 panels): $90
  • B/W page comic (manga style): $100
  • Color page comic: $130

Children's Books

Children's illustration for self publishing or editorial. No problem adapting to different styles or techniques.

  • Simple illustrations:$50
  • Complex illustrations (Shadows and complex backgrounds):$80
  • Double Spread Illustration:$100

Pinup Illustration

Not as detailed as digital painting, simple shadows, need a good photo for creation.

  • Character Only: $50
  • With Background: $80

2D Animation

Animation in any style. Can be in AfterEffects, Animate or OpenToonz.

  • Animated Loop: $70 (Walking, Dancing, etc..)
  • PDF Storyboard: $40 per minute
  • Explainer Videos: $800 per minute

Contact me


If you want to get an estimate or talk about your project, you can write me to my email or contact me in any of my social networks.

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