Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations.


Bakame and Mahuma 
Mahuma is taken miraculously into the Inner Land and thought his days ends in down below the big water. He is rescued by lesser stranger beings and taken back to the outer world where he belongs. He and Bakame sign a business partnership to sell animal skins; that brought a lot of money to the country and into their own pockets. Unfortunately Bakame life changes and he quits the skin business which he thought is 'immoral' . . . he is now set on a mission to save the Animal Kingdom in peril whereby him only, is entrusted with the cure. It is hard to deliver it as his life is in grave danger; his former partner won't let him quit their business . . . It is a collection of stories inspired by traditional Rwanda legends; meant to educate children and young adults with moral lessons. They also encourage a cross-cultural exchange providing a new vocabulary. They are told with meticulous and conspicuous new terminology to learn within the reading . . . These stories are meant to attract young readers to love the art of story reading and raises the awareness of their critical thinking with a realistic learning results based on the texts; English comprehensive while giving an opportunity to debate on the inclusive moral lessons.
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