CutyDina Games

The moment have come! Already is open my GooglePlay page with my first videogames!! Yaaay! Here the games I added so far, future games are coming! Remember, all my games will be free and for Android.

SpiderAndSnake Banner

The Spider and The Snake

You are a tiny black widow spider playing against a claustrophobic snake. A remake of the retro Mamba Game in a cute way.

The Hungry Caterpillar

A remake of the Classic Snake Game. Here you are a chubby caterpillar with a lot of hungry trying to eat all the fruit you see on the ground. Enjoy this classic game with a cute interface.. You can also download it for free in the PlayStore.

Love Sweeper

Enjoy the classic minesweeper with a lovely and cute interface.

Rika's Adventures

Rika is a parrot who wants to eat a cake that was left in the kitchen. You have to help Rika by investigating her surroundings, solving puzzles, and making decisions to achieve her goal.