Commissioned Children's Books Covers and inside illustrations.

The knight who couldn't sleep 
A cute, rhyming bedtime book for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids ages 2-7 who don't want to go to sleep!

Our fun-loving knight fights a nightly battle- he fights the urge to go to sleep! As you can imagine, this ends up causing him all kinds of problems until he gets some good advice from his friend the wise wizard.

Featuring fun, clever rhymes, cute and colorful illustrations, and a positive reminder to your child of why it's so important to get plenty of sleep. If your little one loves knights, wizards, dragons, and trolls, they'll love this book! And you'll love that it helps make bedtime a little easier.

Natasha the ninja princess  
Natasha isn't your average princess... instead of doing ballet or being rescued by the handsome prince, she likes to dress up as a ninja and save the day!

In this fun, spunky book for girls or boys ages 3-8, Princess Natasha uses her secret identity, wits, and courage to save the day when a thief tries to ruin her friend's big day.

If your daughter loves princesses but you'd like her to see a strong female role model, this book is for you! I wrote it because my daughter loves all things princess, but I wanted to make sure she saw that princesses can be just as smart, tough, and heroic as any prince in the story books. Boys will love this story, too.

The morning grumblies  
We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes! But even if we wake up in a grumpy mood, we can always turn our day around.

In this cute, colorful picture book, children are introduced to the imaginary "bumblies" and "grumblies" that can make you wake up in a good or bad mood.

Through fun rhymes and illustrations, they're then shown what they can do to help improve their mood and make it a good day after all! Perfect for teaching kids how to take responsibility for themselves and their feelings. If your toddler, preschooler, or older child often wakes up grumpy, this is the book for you."

Christmas on the farm  
It's Christmas on the farm, and the animals know that Christmas isn't just about presents- it's about friendship, family, generosity, and love!

Your kids will love this bright, colorful rhyming picture book, and you'll love that it reminds them of what the Christmas season is really all about. It shows them that Christmas is more than just presents and Santa, and that true Christmas joy comes from being with the ones we love and remembering to be kind and grateful for all that we have.