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Katy Caterpillar FanArt

Fan-Art of one of my favorite movies from when I was a child. Since I was little it always fascinated me the design of this character, specially at the end of the movie in which she becomes a butterfly. Cute and colorful movie for children's, but with amazing songs and designs. Vectorial with some effects, as always, made in Affinity Designer .

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Wallpaper Version

Original VS FanArt

Step by Step

Berserk Kiss

My husband has been a fan of this manga since it first came out in Spain. Berserk has been a worldwide phenomenon in the genre of shonen setting in a Medieval Europe with a dark fantasy world. Manga was written by Kentaro Miura, who unfortunately passed away a few days ago and that made my husband very sad, since he has followed his work since the begining. So I offered him to do a fanart to honor one of his favorite authors, and he asked me to recreate this mythical scene in the manga, which is the first kiss between Casca and Guts, one of his favorite couples in the anime world.


Salamanders Barbecue

My husband sometimes has crazy ideas based on his favorite videogames and sagas. And sometimes he comes to me with unorthodox requests. And this time he wanted an illustration of a Warhammer 40k Salamanders Chapter Space Marines hosting a barbecue for young children. According to him, in the videogame these rather warlike marines are basically a piece of cake.

A sea of lights - Children's lights

Lately I have started with this great game made by MiHoYo. And the truth is that I have loved the character designs and their beautiful landscapes. So I decided to participate at a contest they did for the game event called "A sea of lights", which consists of the Japanese tradition of launching lanterns into the sky with wishes on them. . Hope you like it .

Step by step:

Character Detail:

PS5 Pinup

Suddenly I saw that making a PS5 waifu became a trend. So I said, why not? Also, my husband resquested me this because he wanted to see my own version of this human version of the PS5, although I must say that he was surprised that I didn't follow the same line of making it in anime style. Sometimes I don't know... I like to change the concept and do something a little different.

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Aggretsuko Human Style

And finally a third season of Aggretsuko! I really love this series, since it is a Hello Kitty touch with a some slice of life of an average office worker. That's why I decided to do this Redraw Challenge , I don't know... It's something I've been enjoying lately, it's quite fun to redo some screenshots of the animated series.

Original Illustration VS My Redraw Version

Sailor Moon Redraws

Sailor Moon has been an anime that greatly influenced my childhood and adolescence, I'm quite fond of it. That's why, the day the #SailorMoonRedraw Challenge came to social media I think, why not? I love this anime series and I have always liked their characters and drawing style. And as always, I've used this drawing challenge to try new effects with Affinity Designer.

Original Illustration VS My Redraw Version

Also I do this one at 2019, when the #SailorMoonRedraw Challenge started, but still wasn't such a trend as now. This time I just pick up a screenshot with a lot of emotions and redraw it, I really love to draw facial expresions and try to transmit emotions with my illustrations.

Original Illustration VS My Redraw Version

Yvraine FanArt

My husband is a big fan of the Warhammer 4000 saga, so he asked me for a fanart of this character called Yvraine, of the Eldar race. I didn't know much about this saga, but it was interesting to create a fanart of characters with such a peculiar style.

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Princess Carloyn FanArt

I have to admit that Bojack Horseman was a series that I loved from the beginning. Its acid humor and its complex story based on anthropomorphic animals seemed very original to me. So when my husband and I finally finished the last season, I decided to make a fanart of this series. Therefore I thought about which of these characters I had liked the most and I opted for Princess Carolyn, since I really liked its design and personality from the beginning of the series and it has been the one that has evolved the most throughout the series.

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Dragon Ball FanArts

I have always been a big fan of Dragon Ball saga. These are several fanarts that I made from this anime. I have always loved Akira Toriyama's characters, specially the villains and females characters, of which increased its amount in the last decade within this universe.

Towa x Miira - FanArt focused on the main villains of Dragon Ball Xenoverse, in the course of the video game you discover that they are a couple, so I decided to make them in a more... erotic pose.
Android 21 - Fanart from the main villan in Dragon ball Z Fighters, I must admit that she is my favorite female character of all the saga, and the sexiest one, thats why I made this sexy drawing of her practicing some bondage in her Majin form.
Broly x Cheelai - This FanArt was made after watching the movie of Broly 2019, I didnt expect that this couple was so endearing. I based on a screenshot from Tarzan from Disney, because this couple remember me a lot to Tarzan and Jane.

Nintendo Doodles

And suddenly this concept became a trend. I have always loved the Super Mario Bros saga, so I couldn't help but want to participate in this trend. I decided to use a quick style and more based on the manga style. I really love using new styles and trying different ways of coloring.

Phantom Thieves Chibi FanArt

After playing Persona 5 in PS4, I wanted to make a fanart of the Phantom Thieves in their Victory pose. I found the game quite interesting, it has a great story and many hours of gameplay. I must admit that I haven't been so hooked on a video game in a long time.

Detail of each character

Bloodborne Doll FanArt

My husband is a big fan of Bloodborne videogame saga. When he played it he really loves the design of the doll character that helps the main character. So he asked me to do a cute fanart of her. I decided to usea cute and anime style. This drawing helped me to get used to my new buyed software Clip Studio Paint.

Utena x Anthy Fanart

Fanart from the anime Shōjo Kakumei Utena. I love this anime and both versions of the characters from the movie and anime. So I decided to make a mixture between both versions, specially with Anthy.

Little mermaid Mural Painting

Mural made at my nieces room as a welcome gift when they arrived to Colima. Is a copy of a pretty Little Mermaid wallpaper they loved and they wanted to have in full view at their room. Was a challenge but I really enjoy doing it and they love it, and thats all that matters .

Step by step

Equestria Girls Wallpapers

After watching the movie of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Movie, I decided to make my own fanarts from this amazing characters, I really get in love with their cute and colorful designs. This post will be updating from time to time and been uploaded to my Deviantart account.

Twilight Sparkle Wallpaper
Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper
Pinkie Pie Wallpaper
Fluttershy Wallpaper
AppleJack Wallpaper
DJ-Pon VS Octavia Wallpaper
Rarity Wallpaper

Next character fanart: Rainbow Dash 

** This project is actually on hold because the big ammount of work. Anyway, if you want me to work more on this kind of work you can support me via Patreon or Ko-fi and tell me you want me to continue this kind of illustrations. If i get enough support to conitue with it, I will gladly invest most of my time in this project.

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