Hollow Knight FanArt

I have to say that one of my favorite hobbies is video games. However, I don't always find a game that gets me so hooked. But this one had something special, perhaps because of its adorable designs and its melancholic appearance or perhaps because of its gameplay that was more similar to the games of yesteryear. A mixture that I must say that I fell in love with. And, despite having an unconventional narrative, I ended up totally getting into its environment.

However, I must say that the story that I liked the most in this game is Bretta, who I must say became one of my favorite characters. A simple but adorable story. A small caterpillar that at the moment of being rescued by the knight becomes our number one fan, as well as falling deeply in love with us. I've always been a fan of unusual love stories, and I think that's why I was so captivated by this one.

Anyway, here I leave this last fanart related to one of my favorite scenes, giving a more colorful and romantic touch to the scene, just to give it a more personal touch.

This time the format is more focused on mobile wallpaper, so feel free to download it .

Also, want to attach here an animted version of this wallpaper. I wanted to give some life to this one: