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"The king a the dragon" BookCover

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Geraldina Sierra

I love to make 2D animations and digital illustrations also enjoy making children's books and anything that you need to be cute or colorful, although I also work on spicy content. I'm open to any project within my means.



Samples of my animation work from 2006 until today.

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"The king a the dragon" BookCover

Commissioned Children's Book Cover.

"Three sisters - Cambria, Willow, and Lula - journey through their dreams into the Dynasty Kingdom. What awaits them on the other side is an adventure they could have never imagined.

Two brothers - Djar and Tiga - fight for survival as the vicious Horde seeks to destroy them and everything they love.

Welcome to a world where a present darkness threatens to snuff out the light that is The Dynasty Kingdom. Where three sisters, bonded in light and love, discover truths about themselves and each other. Where dragons are more than myth and one small mistake is all it takes to alter the path of a little girl. Where two brothers continue to survive even when the odds are stacked against them.

Brad Cummings & Chris DuPré present The King & The Dragon."

No effects Cover:


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