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Mason's Snack attack

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Geraldina Sierra

I love to make 2D animations and digital illustrations also enjoy making children's books and anything that you need to be cute or colorful, although I also work on spicy content. I'm open to any project within my means.



Samples of my animation work from 2006 until today.

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Mason's Snack attack

Commissioned children's book illustrations with an already existing character.

Mason's Snack attack
"MASON'S SNACK ATTACK by Ron Henderson "The Fitness King" This book series originated over 22 years ago with a dream to publish a children's book series about a Mouse that decides to get fit and eat right along with his animal friends. Now this dream is a reality with Mason’ Backyard Workout and Mason’s Snack Attack . Over the past 35 years I have been to numerous elementary schools and the one thing that seemed to be common among the children was that they liked to exercise and even more when it was fun. Now, with the increase in iPhones, iPads, the internet and so on, kids have become less active.

When my first child was born, I realized that he was more active than most kids his age—mostly because he grew up in my personal training gym and in a household that believed in the importance of taking care of one’s health. With that in mind, and countless visits to area elementary schools, I was determined to write books that would teach children the importance of moving and stretching. I am declaring to leave no child behind and crack the code on childhood obesity. When you read Mason’s Snack Attack to your children they will hear about healthy eating in a fun way."

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