Rika's Family

Webcomic and Webseries based on our life with our pets. Initiate as a comic for a blog, and then it became a web-comic and later we do some animation shorts about us. We decided to end this project because work didn't allow us to continue with KoriStudio projects. But you can read all the comic strips now translated to english on this post, also, some explanation about how this comic born and its process. Enjoy

"Have fun with the adventures of Rika, a narcissistic parrot and the problems she gives to her owners and their other pets."
  • Genres: Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Status: Finished.

Comic Strips

Rika has been our beloved parrot/daughter since we settle in Colima, Mexico in 2012. We were such in love with her that we decided to create a webcomic based on her. And all of us as secondary characters. She is the queen, our home lider. Also she has a very particular personality and we wanted to show it in all the comic strips.

While we wrote about her, other pets have arrived in our lifes, and this strips were a good way to intruduce them in the family. Also a way to remember the particual way they came to our lifes. Our pets gives up a lot of happiness to our lifes, so we want to share in this particular way those special moments.

When I begin to work as a freelancer, I wanted to capture part of that life in comic strips. With some black humor, parodying the strange commissions that came to me, besides some classmates that I was traumatized by their arrogance.

And in the meantime making some parodies about anime shows that we like.

And also, holidays were a good excuse to make new strips. Also, we can gave them more personality and playing with the black humor in this ones.

Animated shorts

"Requiem for a Pollo"

The fat cat fist

Make Up!

Playing Bloodborne

Unfortunately, I haven't done any more episodes due to the lack of audience on our channel and because I'm dedicating myself to other projects and commissions.

B O N U S !

A fanart I made while ago about Rika, I remember when we play "Hatoful Boyfriend" on Playstation and we really enjoy the fact that was an date game with all the characters drawn as birds. And my husband and I get the idea of transform our beloved Rika to a character of this game, but doing in reverse, we transform Rika to an anime character cute character and I made this illustration.