Godofreda and Tobias

Web Series made fo Koristudio, my creative studio. This series was born on one of my dates with my loving husband. We were chatting about nonsense things at a cafeteria and at one point this absurd story came to our mind, we started discussing the details, and finally we decided to bring it to life. I have to admit that the creative process for this series was really fun.

"Godofreda is an octogenarian woman from the "Casar de Escalona", Tobias a hipster alien who was dedicated to killing humans in a "Starbacks", until fate join them..."
  • Genres:Dark Humor, Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Status:Just Pilot Chapter

Pilot Episode:

Unfortunately, I haven't done any more episodes due to the lack of audience on our channel and because I'm dedicating myself to other projects and commissions.