A fairy tale

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. This animation is based on a comic that I drew when I was in high school. I really enjoyed writing this story and it was a time when I loved writing stories, and years later, after studying animation professionally, I decided to make it an animation web-serie. The dubbing was made up of my sister, my husband and me. Also, the theme music is a song written by my sister that I really liked, and we decided to bring it to life for this web-serie. I really enjoyed doing this project, but unfortunately for for different reasons including work, I had to put it aside, and I only did three pilot chapters. I hope I can take it back someday in a more formal way one day.

"A fairy tale tells us the adventures of little fairies which for some reason are the basis of the dreams of Sandy, a high school student who does not understand why she dreams of them every night. However, little by little those dreams begin to make sense."
  • Genres:Fantasy, Youthful
  • Status:Just 3 pilot episodes

Chapter 1: The beginning

Chapter 2: Problems

Chapter 3: Damned Woods

Unfortunately, I haven't done any more episodes due to the lack of audience on our channel and because I'm dedicating myself to other projects and commissions.