Works from Vectorial category.

Mascot Design for Mexican Sauces

Character Designs for some Salsas in Colima, Mexico. Don't know if at the end they use this designs. But I enjoy doing this commission.

New Avatar!

New Avatar 2020! Also with a white background variation.💗

Red Latex Dress

Request from my husband 💗. I decided to make this vectorial illustration for texting new ways of drawing pinups and latex.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

Step by Step:

Gummy Bears Designs

Gummy Bears designs with different outfits for a client project.

BCM on the Run

Poster commission for BenChizaOnTheRun Instagram page.

Aggretsuko Human Style

After watching third season of Aggretsuko, I decided to make this Redraw Challenge with a screenshot of the show. Hoping you like it :D.

Original Illustration VS My Redraw Version

Sun and Moon Pinups

Testing new styles and techniques in Affinity Designer. Want to try something new.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible
Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

Elliot Beach

Commissioned Vector illustration.

We've Got It Wrong!

Animated Explainer Video made for this company advertisement.

"Introducing the world’s first Earth beneficial cleaning range. We go beyond eco-friendly and actually do the planet good! Our organic probiotics create healthy indoor ecosystems that clean better and last longer than traditional cleaners and are 100% safe. Transform everyday cleaning into an act of love for yourself, your family, your pets and the planet."

Cuty Wallpaper

Cute Kawaii Wallpaper made with Affinity Designer. This drawing was made for testing the Affinity tools, and I have to admit that I didn't miss anything from Adobe ones. However, the main origin for this character was to use it in Adobe Character Animator, which helped me a lot to learn how to use this software well, but in the end I decided to use it only to create this wallpaper. Since as I said, I have decided to stop using Adobe due to its excessive fees and I´m dedicating more to learning OpenSource programs. Although I must admit that the way of live streaming of Adobe Character Animator is pretty cool.

WorkComfy Banner design

Mascot design commissioned for the WorkComfy website. The design was used as a search bar, which is why the elongated design of the laptop in the image. The design of the dog was based on the customer's pet.

Machine Sucess GIF animation

Commissioned Machine GIF animation.

Juggs Bar and Grill Logo

Logo design for Juggs Bar in Poland.


Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations.

"Follow the first of his adventures as one morning his saddles his mule Assissa and rides, very fast, through the gate and over the bridge, singing as he goes – ‘I’m going to the city; I’m going to the c-i-t-y!’ He reaches the high crossroads, the cityscape spread out before him, and realizes he is lost... Told in the author’s distinctive style, and based on the tales and legends of her childhood in Rwanda, find out how Kadogo’s life is changed forever as he sits, close to tears, wondering if his parents will come for him, who the two strange men are in the distance, and who a third man is – the hero who will change his life."

Look inside:

Prepa Tec Map

Commissioned map in cartoonish style from the Tec High School in Colima, Mexico.

Indian Wedding Cartoonish Portraits

Indian Wedding cartoon portraits for this two couples.

Gift Oasis Commissions

Cartoon portraits, holiday illustrations for the Gift Oasis company, based in London, UK.


Full character designs, concept and backgrounds for children's products.

Website banners

Book Covers

Character sheet

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