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Rika's Collection

My first NFT's Collection at OpenSea. Rika has been part of my family for over 10 years now. I discovered the world of NFTs recently and started thinking about a collectible that could be adorable and colorful at the same time. Whenever I think of something like that, Rika always comes to mind. That's why I decided to make collectibles with my little guayabero parrot .

This project is constantly updated. At OpenSea you can see more NFTs from this collection and more that will come .

Skaate Designs

Designs created for an online clothing brand. These are some samples of the commissioned designs. Some chibi ones and cute pet designs.

"The brand that serves the brave. No rules applied!"


My grandmother loves cats, so as a birthday gift I decided to make a crayons portrait of my cat named Shun. He has always seemed majestic to me and I decided it was perfect for this purpose.

Portrait of my cat Shun

Crayola Crayons

Size: 30 x 42cm

WorkComfy Banner design

Mascot design commissioned for the WorkComfy website. The design was used as a search bar, which is why the elongated design of the laptop in the image. The design of the dog was based on the customer's pet.


On the planning of my new home decoration and as the queen of my home, I decided to make a huge portrait of my lovely pet Rika. She rules the house, so I decided to make a portrait to suit her.

Portrait of my pet Rika.

Material: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 80 x 120cm


Rika's Family

Webcomic and Webseries based on our life with our pets. Initiate as a comic for a blog, and then it became a web-comic and later we do some animation shorts about us.

"Have fun with the adventures of Rika, a narcissistic parrot and the problems she gives to her owners and their other pets."
  • Genres:Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Status:Project on hold, we are expecting doing new products with this characters.

Some strips:

Also some animations:

More episodes at Kori Studio Youtube Channel.

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