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Mascot Design for Mexican Sauces

Character Designs for some Salsas in Colima, Mexico. Don't know if at the end they use this designs. But I enjoy doing this commission.

La catrina

Just an adaptation of the original Catrina from José Guadalupe Posada. Want to make something colorful and cute and Mexican related for this holidays.

Mexican Gods Pinups

Some ideas about gods of Mexican culture in Pinup style.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

Huitzilopochtli - God of War

"Pinup based on the God of Mexicas that symbolizes the perpetual struggle between the sun and the moon through the firmament as the solar god. Also known the God of Fire, war and human sacrifices."

Tlaloc - God of Rain

"Pinup based on the Aztec God Tlaloc. God of rain, being well known for its ability to dominate the water and provide the vital liquid or also called Earth Liquor that contributed to the growth of corn crops."

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

Next Mexican God: Huitzilopochtli

** This project is actually on hold because the big ammount of work. Anyway, if you want me to work more on this kind of work you can support me via Patreon or Ko-fi and tell me you want me to continue this kind of illustrations. If i get enough support to conitue with it, I will gladly invest most of my time in this project.

Mexican Flag

Vectorial mexican flag design. The logo is based on the history of pre-Hispanic Mexico when Tenochtitlan was founded, represented with an eagle devouring a snake on a cactus. Also the colors have meaning for this flag, GREEN as hope, WHITE as unity and RED as the blood of the fallen soldiers in the battle for independence.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

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