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Skaate Designs

Designs created for an online clothing brand. These are some samples of the commissioned designs. Some chibi ones and cute pet designs.

"The brand that serves the brave. No rules applied!"

Xanadú Spa

Logo and cover for my sister's Facebook FanPage for her Spa in Colima, Mexico.

LOGO Design
Full Cover

The Art of Pinball Bags Designs

Bags designs for The Art of Pinballfor his products based on famous movies.

Bambalinas y Olé LOGO

Logo for Bambalinas y Olé Dance School in Madrid.

Gotham Otaku

Mascot and Logo made for Gotham Otaku, an online webstore based in Madrid, Spain. Mascot based on client's pet.

Mercería "El Dedal"

Logo Design made for my husband haberdashery in Colima, México. Work done from scratch. Concept, name, logo, character designs and poster designs for make the store more unique, unfortunately the store didn't last too long.

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