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Tiras Chibis

Videogame and anime strip parodies made for KoriStudio. We only do three chapters, parodies from Nier Automata, Darling in the FranXX and Persona 5.

"Comic strips based on video games and anime."
  • Genres:Comedy, Parody
  • Status:Finished project.

Some strips:

Bollodramas Cibernéticos

Webcomic made for KoriStudio, written by my husband and drawing by me, full webcomic is in Spanish at Webtoons.

"Tara is a pink hair girl who loves cats ... Noa is her girlfriend and also ... an android."
  • Genres: Comedy, Romance
  • Status: Finished project

Some strips:

Dragon Ball Super Chafa

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. This idea came to us while we were watching Dragon Ball Super, when we were watching the Goku Black saga, we were thinking nonsense while the chapters passed and in the end we decided to make an animation of this series. It wasn't very successful, so we only did 2 pilot episodes. Anyway, we include English subtitles if you want to take a look.

"After a time of peace, Future Trunks decides to return to our time to ask the Z warriors for help against a new enemy .... Goku Nigga."
  • Genres:Parody, Adventures
  • Status:Just two pilot episodes.

Chapter 1: Goku Nigga Arrival

More episodes at KoriStudio Youtube Channel.

Rika's Family

Webcomic and Webseries based on our life with our pets. Initiate as a comic for a blog, and then it became a web-comic and later we do some animation shorts about us.

"Have fun with the adventures of Rika, a narcissistic parrot and the problems she gives to her owners and their other pets."
  • Genres:Slice of Life, Comedy
  • Status:Project on hold, we are expecting doing new products with this characters.

Some strips:

Also some animations:

More episodes at Kori Studio Youtube Channel.

Godofreda and Tobias

Web Series made fo Koristudio, my creative studio. This series was born on one of my dates with my loving husband. We were chatting about nonsense things at a cafeteria and at one point this absurd story came to our mind, we started discussing the details, and finally we decided to bring it to life. I have to admit that the creative process for this series was really fun.

"Godofreda is an octogenarian woman from the "Casar de Escalona", Tobias a hipster alien who was dedicated to killing humans in a "Starbacks", until fate join them..."
  • Genres:Dark Humor, Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Status:Just Pilot Chapter

Pilot Episode:

Teenager Lives

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. My husband and I are huge fans of animated tv shows, that's when we came up with this crazy idea. A kind of live show where we asked characters some intimate details about their lives.

"Discover the sordid secrets of the most famous characters in the animation world. In this web-series, various animated characters are interviewed, asking them about certain topics that they have never dared to speak about."

We really enjoyed this project, but like many of our creative studio product, but it didn't succeed, and we had to focus on the work, plus the scripts were more complicated to do, also my husband didn't have time to spend more time on it. Anyway, it also has English Subtitles if you want to take a look.

  • Genres: Dark Humor, Comedy, Animation, Parody
  • Status: Finished project

Chapter 1: Shinji Ikari

More episodes at KoriStudio Youtube Channel.

A fairy tale

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. This animation is based on a comic that I drew when I was in high school. I really enjoyed writing this story and it was a time when I loved writing stories, and years later, after studying animation professionally, I decided to make it an animation web-serie. The dubbing was made up of my sister, my husband and me. Also, the theme music is a song written by my sister that I really liked, and we decided to bring it to life for this web-serie. I really enjoyed doing this project, but unfortunately for for different reasons including work, I had to put it aside, and I only did three pilot chapters. I hope I can take it back someday in a more formal way one day.

"A fairy tale tells us the adventures of little fairies which for some reason are the basis of the dreams of Sandy, a high school student who does not understand why she dreams of them every night. However, little by little those dreams begin to make sense."
  • Genres:Fantasy, Youthful
  • Status:Just 3 pilot episodes

Chapter 1: The beginning

More episodes at KoriStudio Youtube Channel.

Los nefásticos

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. Adapted script written by my mother. I decided to give it to life one of her comedy stories. Made from scratch, character design, storyboard, animation, voiceover and video edition.

"The Nefasticos tell us the adventures of three friends of different personalities who try to improve the world in their own way, unfortunately their adventures never go as planned."

  • Genres:Dark Humor, Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Status:Just three Pilot Chapters

Episode 1: The Nefasticos VS Bullying

More episodes at KoriStudio Youtube Channel.

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