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Berserk Kiss

My husband has been a fan of this manga since it first came out in Spain. Berserk has been a worldwide phenomenon in the genre of shonen setting in a Medieval Europe with a dark fantasy world. Manga was written by Kentaro Miura, who unfortunately passed away a few days ago and that made my husband very sad, since he has followed his work since the begining. So I offered him to do a fanart to honor one of his favorite authors, and he asked me to recreate this mythical scene in the manga, which is the first kiss between Casca and Guts, one of his favorite couples in the anime world.



I'm a little cheesy today... just a cartoon portrait of me and my husband.💗

Indian Wedding Cartoonish Portraits

Indian Wedding cartoon portraits for this two couples.

Team Kavanury Youtube Cover

Wedding video invitation

Wedding Commissioned Video for a Mexican couple based on Colima, México. This animation was requested to be sent as an animated invitation through the WhatsApp service. Hopping they are a happy couple.

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