Works from Commissioned Work category.

Dragon's Bait

Commissioned card game. Character design, card design, tuckbox design, etc..

NickedIt Commercial

2D Animation Commercial Commission for NickedIt company. Using an anime style. From Character design, storyboard, backgrounds and animation.

Christmas Pinup

Fairy Christmas Pinup Commission for Chaserz Emporium.

Chanel Illustration Commission

Commissioned illustration from this Chanel #5 bottle. 2 Versions, With face and without it.

Fairy Illustration 3D View

Commissioned Fairy 3D View drawn in different angles as an animation in ClipStudioPaint for Chaserz Emporium.

Cartoon Portraits

Some Commissioned Cartoon Portraits for different clients.

Children's Cartoon portraits used as Logos

Ziggy and Milo: Best Friends Forever

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations.

"When Milo is feeling sad, his dog Ziggy shows him that even when things don't go according to plan you can always have a great day with your best friend."

Look inside:

"The king a the dragon" BookCover

Commissioned Children's Book Cover.

"Three sisters - Cambria, Willow, and Lula - journey through their dreams into the Dynasty Kingdom. What awaits them on the other side is an adventure they could have never imagined.

Two brothers - Djar and Tiga - fight for survival as the vicious Horde seeks to destroy them and everything they love.

Welcome to a world where a present darkness threatens to snuff out the light that is The Dynasty Kingdom. Where three sisters, bonded in light and love, discover truths about themselves and each other. Where dragons are more than myth and one small mistake is all it takes to alter the path of a little girl. Where two brothers continue to survive even when the odds are stacked against them.

Brad Cummings & Chris DuPré present The King & The Dragon."

WorkConfy Banner design

Character design and search banner design for WorkConfy website.

Machine Sucess GIF animation

Commissioned Machine GIF animation.

Juggs Bar and Grill Logo

Logo design for Juggs Bar in Poland.

Elstro Auto Pinup

Pinup Advertisement Commission for ElstroAuto.

Hoe Lotta Kink Pinups

Portrait Pinups made for Hoe Lotta Kink.

Hell as an endless movie

Devil illustration commissions for Bruce Whipple Website.

Chaserz Emporium Commissions

Chibi Portraits and designs for Chaserz Emporium.


Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations.

"Follow the first of his adventures as one morning his saddles his mule Assissa and rides, very fast, through the gate and over the bridge, singing as he goes – ‘I’m going to the city; I’m going to the c-i-t-y!’ He reaches the high crossroads, the cityscape spread out before him, and realizes he is lost . . .

Told in the author’s distinctive style, and based on the tales and legends of her childhood in Rwanda, find out how Kadogo’s life is changed forever as he sits, close to tears, wondering if his parents will come for him, who the two strange men are in the distance, and who a third man is – the hero who will change his life."

Look inside:


Music Video and character design of Raemarai, a cartoon alien singer. Really enjoyable project, unfortunately, artist just made two songs for this project.

The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer AMV

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