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NickedIt Commercial

2D Animation Commercial Commission for NickedIt company. In this commission, I was asked to make a 2D animation based on a classic anime style. This project was made from scratch, counting only with VoiceOver, creating a storyboard, followed by animatic until the final animation. I also had to design the main character, the backgrounds and the mascot design for this brand, which appears at the end of the video. A project that taught me a lot and at the same time I enjoyed creating.

Fairy Illustration 3D View

Commissioned Fairy 3D View as an animation in ClipStudioPaint by Chaserz Emporium. The project consisted to create an illustration in different angles, I must say that it was a great challenge to make this kind of illustration and however, despite having lost my mind with it, I liked the final result. The illustration was going to be used as a model for a sculpture, I hope I can see this use on this someday.

U P D A T E !

After last commission I was asked to make the same character in a holiday Christmas outfit and of course with a cute little cat included.

Cartoon Portraits

Some cartoonish portraits for different clients. I started doing the 16 style Challenge meme quite a while ago, which helped me start creating illustrations in different styles and techniques. Here you can see some samples of those cartoon portraits, also used to adapt to logo version, specially for kids design stuff.

Children's Cartoon portraits used as Logos

Ziggy and Milo: Best Friends Forever

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations. A book based on the author child and his dog. Cute illustrations and dog design showing the love of a dog towards his owner.

"When Milo is feeling sad, his dog Ziggy shows him that even when things don't go according to plan you can always have a great day with your best friend."

Look inside:

The king a the dragon

Commissioned Children's Book Cover for a fantasy youth novel. I just make the cover for the book making two illustrations and then mixing them with some effects, for making a more epic cover.

"Three sisters - Cambria, Willow, and Lula - journey through their dreams into the Dynasty Kingdom. What awaits them on the other side is an adventure they could have never imagined. Two brothers - Djar and Tiga - fight for survival as the vicious Horde seeks to destroy them and everything they love. Welcome to a world where a present darkness threatens to snuff out the light that is The Dynasty Kingdom. Where three sisters, bonded in light and love, discover truths about themselves and each other..."

WorkComfy Banner design

Mascot design commissioned for the WorkComfy website. The design was used as a search bar, which is why the elongated design of the laptop in the image. The design of the dog was based on the customer's pet.

Machine Sucess GIF animation

Commissioned Machine GIF animation loop. A completely different animation style than what I usually do, however, the result is quite interesting for use on the Web. Didn't know the purpose of this animated GIF.

Juggs Bar and Grill Logo

I have always loved playing with the concept of Pinup. This time the order was a Pinup style waitress logo design for Juggs Bar in Poland. Originally client want a blonde version but finally he decided to use the Brown hair one, but I really love both ones.

Elstro Auto Pinup

Pinup Advertisement Commission for ElstroAuto based on Richmond, USA. I love the end result of this black and white pin up illustration. The contrast of these colors at the end makes the illustration and the small details more striking.

Hoe Lotta Kink Pinups

Sexy and sensual digital portraits made for Hoe Lotta Kink. Illustrations are based on some photos provided. Trying to get some realistic and simple style. Good way to improve my drawings skills, also enjoy the commission and loved how it came at the end.

Hell as an endless movie

Devil illustration commissions for Bruce Whipple Website. I really liked the concept that I was asked for this commission. The message is intriguing and the style, although it varies a lot from what I normally do, I had a lot of fun doing it, deep down I must admit that I like to make disturbing images from time to time.

"Imagine if hell was having to watch an endless movie of what your life could have been had you put in the the work to achieve your dreams."

Chaserz Emporium Commissions

Chibi Portraits and designs for Chaserz Emporium. Very happy with this client, her requests have always been clear and therefore I haven't struggled to understand what she was looking for. Also, I have always enjoyed the Chibi style in common and making these cute and colorful illustrations was very satisfying.


Music Video and character design of Raemarai, a cartoon alien singer. Really enjoyable project, unfortunately, artist just made two songs for this project and just upload one Music Video of her character. Too bad, as I had a lot of fun working on this project and I would have loved to work on more video clips for her.

Single Covers for Spotify and Social networks

The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer AMV

Still images of Raemarai

Never Give up!

Illustration commissions for Bruce Whipple Company. Interesting concept to don't give up, a frog being swallowed by a stork trying to survive, I like to draw this type of illustrations with graphic messages on them.

The Adventures of the Abbotts

Commissioned Children's Book Cover. In this cover I decided to use a more classic style, imitating a bit of acrylic with a cartoon touch in the mushrooms. It was interesting to create.

"Follow the fantastic adventures of the Abbotts Wood mushrooms. Abbotts Wood mushrooms are not like any other mushroom; they come alive at certain times of the year!"

A Thousand Wows

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations. I really love the style i get in these illustrations.

"When eleven-year-old Eleanor is found unconscious under the big tree in the yard by her mother Edith, she fears her daughter has had a terrible accident. But Eleanor is faking; she is not unconscious at all. Quite the contrary. Eleanor is very much okay, but has been doing a very naughty thing..

Narrated in the author’s distinctive style and based on the tales and legends of her childhood in Rwanda, discover what Eleanor has been doing and what she has seen – ‘It was a thousand wows, Mama! A thousand wows!’ – whilst hiding in that big tree, and how her confession brings her closer to the people she loves the most: her mama and her beautiful sister Eloya."

Look inside:

InBairO2 Commercials

Commissioned animations made for InBair02. The customer asked for different kind of animations to promote this new device. First animation is in anime style animation with a shojo touch. Second one is more simple cartoonish/vector style. I worked from storyboard, character and set design to the final animation. Sound was later included by the company.

"INBair O2 is the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish oxygen purifier. Increased oxygen gives you the boost you need to tackle a busy life."

The office fight for oxigen

Please, clean your air!

Cumverse with me

An interesting commission that I received in the last few months. Vanesa has her own business with a phone central and she asked me to make some pinup illustrations based on herself for her website. It was very fun and interesting to draw this kind of sexy and provocative illustrations.

"I deal in fantasies and secrets, in what is arguably one of the most timeless and pervasive industries in human history…I do it with class, striving to give my best… and yet, my neighbors have no idea what it is that I do…though, given what they’ve likely overheard, I have no doubt that they have often wondered!"

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