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Maddie and Murphy

My first series of children's books. A project that I really enjoyed illustrating, since the story was endearing, and the characters were quite fun to draw.

The Snoozytime Adventures of Maddie and Murphy - A christmas journey to the North Pole
"It's Christmas Eve and Maddie eagerly awaits Santa's arrival. As Maddie's bedtime arrives mom and dad remind Maddie that Santa will only visit the houses of sleeping children, and they spark her imagination with the notion that her dreams can become her nighttime adventures. Maddie drifts off to sleep and when she opens her eyes she discovers that she's in the magical land of the North Pole. Excited to meet Santa's elves and reindeer, and filled with the holiday spirit, she surprisingly discovers that something is amiss..."

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The Snoozytime Adventures of Maddie and Murphy - To the moon and back
"Maddie gazes out her window at the moon and stars. As Maddie's bedtime arrives, Mom tells Maddie a secret that a wish on a star could come true! Excited by the possibility, Maddie makes her wish – to go to the moon. Maddie drifts off to sleep and when she opens her eyes she discovers that she's not in her room. Her favorite stuffed animal has come to life, and her wish has come true! Together Maddie and Murphy find themselves on an amazing outer space adventure, and make a new friend along the way!"

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Simple brief, client want something cute, similar to Helly Kitty style and with heart as a main shape. So I started with this project full of cute little animals and backgrounds and I really like the final result!

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Bakame and Mahuma

My first youth novel that I have been commissioned to illustrate. A style that I liked to try, with anthropomorphic animals and a world full of fantasy, an interesting story in which I chose the important points that needed a colorful illustration.

"Mahuma is taken miraculously into the Inner Land and thought his days ends in down below the big water. He is rescued by lesser stranger beings and taken back to the outer world where he belongs. He and Bakame sign a business partnership to sell animal skins; that brought a lot of money to the country and into their own pockets. Unfortunately Bakame life changes and he quits the skin business which he thought is 'immoral'... he is now set on a mission to save the Animal Kingdom in peril whereby him only, is entrusted with the cure. It is hard to deliver it as his life is in grave danger; his former partner won't let him quit their business ..."

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Molly's Flowers

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations. First time I do traditional illustrations adapting to an exisisting style. All Illustrations in this book were made with Crayons and I really enjoy making each one of them.

"Enjoy 5 Stories, Read, Meet and Enjoy Molly Cow, Mae Mouse, Freddie Fox, Chester Chipmunk, Howie Horse and many more...

Harriet Fremont-Smith, affectionately known as "Hattie", was born in 1936 and raised in the New England area. She grew up alongside her 4 brothers seeking adventure and love. In 1955 she found true love within the heart of her husband, Maurice Fremont-Smith, which led to more love and many adventures as a wife, mother, grandmother, sales representative, and executive receptionist..."

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How to Draw

Cute designs for a mobile APP that shows how to draw cute animals and objects un kawaii style. The app shows how to draw in simple step by step drawings, but here some of the final characters I did for them and I like the most.

Beau Blackwell Children's Book

My first commissions for children's books! I was very happy to experience working for this specific audience for the first time, I know that the illustrations are very simple, but it was a small budget and I had to adapt to it. However, I keep these illustrations very fondly .

The knight who couldn't sleep

"A cute, rhyming bedtime book for toddlers, preschoolers, and kids ages 2-7 who don't want to go to sleep!

Our fun-loving knight fights a nightly battle- he fights the urge to go to sleep! As you can imagine, this ends up causing him all kinds of problems until he gets some good advice from his friend the wise wizard..."

Natasha the ninja princess

"Natasha isn't your average princess... instead of doing ballet or being rescued by the handsome prince, she likes to dress up as a ninja and save the day!

In this fun, spunky book for girls or boys ages 3-8, Princess Natasha uses her secret identity, wits, and courage to save the day when a thief tries to ruin her friend's big day..."

The morning grumblies

"We all wake up on the wrong side of the bed sometimes! But even if we wake up in a grumpy mood, we can always turn our day around.

In this cute, colorful picture book, children are introduced to the imaginary "bumblies" and "grumblies" that can make you wake up in a good or bad mood...."

Christmas on the farm

"It's Christmas on the farm, and the animals know that Christmas isn't just about presents- it's about friendship, family, generosity, and love!

Your kids will love this bright, colorful rhyming picture book, and you'll love that it reminds them of what the Christmas season is really all about. It shows them that Christmas is more than just presents and Santa, and that true Christmas joy comes from being with the ones we love and remembering to be kind and grateful for all that we have."

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