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Wani The Crocodile

After several years trying to publish this children book, I have decided to had revamped and republished it on Amazon. And for Christmas I have also published on FlipBook and you can read it for free here. So Merry Christmas!!!

"Enjoy the adventures of Wani the crocodile. In this first chapter you will learn the fun of waking up every day with a great mood for school."

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I WONDER what's above the sky

Children's book in which I have been in charge of both the cover and the interior illustrations, with a simple but imaginative premise. I enjoyed creating the characters and backgrounds for this cute story, specially the fluffy and adorable main character.

"In the first book of the I Wonder series, Join Ben on an adventure to find out what it’s really like above the clouds... Especially when you’re kind to the new people you meet!..."

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Skaate Designs

Designs created for an online clothing brand. These are some samples of the commissioned designs. Some chibi ones and cute pet designs.

"The brand that serves the brave. No rules applied!"

One hundred jumping beans

Commissioned children's book cover and inside illustrations. In this children's book, the author wanted to represent in a visual and easy-to-understand way what the children of parents who went to war feel. A somewhat unknown topic for many but unfortunately there are still cases in the XXI century. I really enjoyed doing the illustrations, I especially enjoy the analogies between the text and the illustrations.

"Working with Le Cateau school in Catterick, we created some KS1 learning sessions to accompany the book which help young pupils understand the lives of their military friends. Ollie’s dad is in the Army, Ruby’s mum is in the RAF, and Sam’s dad is in the Navy. Find out how their lives are changing and discover that when some things are different, lots of things are still the same..."

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Halyn Simone Engineer Kidd

Children's illustrations for Halyn Simone children's book. Illustrations based on an already designed character. Copying the same style as the original illustrations for their first children's book, I've working doing some holidays and special illustrations for their social networks.

"Technology is knowledge learned and applied to make all your dreams turn BLOO...
What is so special about Halyn-Simone is not the fact she is considered a genius, it is her desire to use her imagination and knowledge to create technology to make the world a better place, especially for her family."

Latest Thanksgiving illustration:

Ziggy and Milo: Best Friends Forever

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations. A book based on the author child and his dog. Cute illustrations and dog design showing the love of a dog towards his owner.

"When Milo is feeling sad, his dog Ziggy shows him that even when things don't go according to plan you can always have a great day with your best friend."

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The king a the dragon

Commissioned Children's Book Cover for a fantasy youth novel. I just make the cover for the book making two illustrations and then mixing them with some effects, for making a more epic cover.

"Three sisters - Cambria, Willow, and Lula - journey through their dreams into the Dynasty Kingdom. What awaits them on the other side is an adventure they could have never imagined. Two brothers - Djar and Tiga - fight for survival as the vicious Horde seeks to destroy them and everything they love. Welcome to a world where a present darkness threatens to snuff out the light that is The Dynasty Kingdom. Where three sisters, bonded in light and love, discover truths about themselves and each other..."

The Adventures of the Abbotts

Commissioned Children's Book Cover. In this cover I decided to use a more classic style, imitating a bit of acrylic with a cartoon touch in the mushrooms. It was interesting to create.

"Follow the fantastic adventures of the Abbotts Wood mushrooms. Abbotts Wood mushrooms are not like any other mushroom; they come alive at certain times of the year!"

A Thousand Wows

Commissioned Children's Book Cover and inside illustrations. I really love the style i get in these illustrations.

"When eleven-year-old Eleanor is found unconscious under the big tree in the yard by her mother Edith, she fears her daughter has had a terrible accident. But Eleanor is faking; she is not unconscious at all. Quite the contrary. Eleanor is very much okay, but has been doing a very naughty thing..

Narrated in the author’s distinctive style and based on the tales and legends of her childhood in Rwanda, discover what Eleanor has been doing and what she has seen – ‘It was a thousand wows, Mama! A thousand wows!’ – whilst hiding in that big tree, and how her confession brings her closer to the people she loves the most: her mama and her beautiful sister Eloya."

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Clean Air fairies

Commissioned full project for Clean Air Fairies Website, with the purpose to educate children about caring for the environment. I worked from the design of characters, animations, storyboards, banners, etc.

Website banners

Animation Music Video

"CLEAN -Inspiring and educating children on the importance of looking after their most valuable resource
AIR -Helping children to learn from our mistakes so the future of mankind can breathe easier.
FAIRIES -A fun, exciting and engaging way to deliver valuable messages"

Posters and design

Hallie the Hamster

My first pilot animation I've work in. I have to admit that this was a long project. Despite being one of my most complicated projects, I must admit that I enjoyed creating it, as I learned a lot during the process and the drawing style was fun to draw. Here I do everything from scratch, such as Character Designs, Background Design, Storyboarding and animation.

Pilot Chapter

"New educational/musical British children's cartoon based on 6 year old Hallie's adventures along with her siblings Claude and Chloe!"

The sly fox of the mind

An interesting book about bad feelings on children's. I decided to use a different style for illustrate this one, something childish and with free color strokes.

"The Sly Fox is the book I will buy as gifts for my family and friends this year. It gives young girls the tools they need to build self-esteem with simple exercises that create awareness around negative feelings and then teaches them how to set those feelings free..."

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U P D A T E !

After some years after making this cute book, this book was reading by Sarah Ferguson at her youtube chanel! I'm so happy to see my work becoming known .

Mason's Snack attack

Children's book with an already designed character. In this project I dedicated myself to adapting my illustrations to an existing style, despite not having designed the character, it is a good way to master other styles and gain more fluency.

"MASON'S SNACK ATTACK by Ron Henderson "The Fitness King" This book series originated over 22 years ago with a dream to publish a children's book series about a Mouse that decides to get fit and eat right along with his animal friends. Now this dream is a reality with Mason’ Backyard Workout and Mason’s Snack Attack . Over the past 35 years I have been to numerous elementary schools and the one thing that seemed to be common among the children was that they liked to exercise and even more when it was fun..."

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