Works from Cartoon portrait category.

Santa Roberta

Illustration made for this Facebook fanpage. Illustration based from a photo and vectorially traced to become a logo.

Used at Facebook Website

New Avatar!

New Avatar 2020! Also with a white background variation.๐Ÿ’—

BCM on the Run

Poster commission for BenChizaOnTheRun Instagram page.


I'm a little cheesy today... just a cartoon portrait of me and my husband.๐Ÿ’—

Cartoon Portraits

Some cartoonish portraits for different clients. I started doing the 16 style Challenge meme quite a while ago, which helped me start creating illustrations in different styles and techniques. Here you can see some samples of those cartoon portraits, also used to adapt to logo version, specially for kids design stuff.

Children's Cartoon portraits used as Logos

Hoe Lotta Kink Pinups

Portrait Pinups made for Hoe Lotta Kink.

Indian Wedding Cartoonish Portraits

Indian Wedding cartoon portraits for this two couples.

Gift Oasis Commissions

Cartoon portraits, holiday illustrations for the Gift Oasis company, based in London, UK.

Team Kavanury Youtube Cover

Wedding video invitation

Wedding Commissioned Video for a Mexican couple based on Colima, Mรฉxico. This animation was requested to be sent as an animated invitation through the WhatsApp service. Hopping they are a happy couple.

Cartoonish Self Portrait

Just a self-cartoonish portrait i want to make. Made in Paint Tool SAI.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

Working time

Already got my Bosto Tablet. So happy with it and wanted to make this illustration drawing with all my pets.


Artwork based on my friends from high school.

Different Cartoon Styles

16 style challenge meme and some finished images with Phineas and Ferb Style.

Cute Pinups

I decided to try new styles so I decided to make this two cute Cartoon Portraits of two good friend of mine. ๐Ÿ’—

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