Works from Anime Style category.

Chaserz Emporium Commissions

Chibi Portraits and designs for Chaserz Emporium.

Sleeping fruits

Illustration forClip Studio Paint contest March 2019. The contest theme was "Fruits" and this illustration is based on the first the first idea that came to mind when hearing about this contest 🍌🍉🍓.

Wallpaper Version:

Dragon Ball FanArts

Dragon Ball Fan Arts, specially videogames and villain's.

Towa x Miira
Android 21
Broly x Cheelai


Music Video and character design of Raemarai, a cartoon alien singer. Really enjoyable project, unfortunately, artist just made two songs for this project.

The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer AMV

Phantom Thieves Chibi FanArt

After playing Persona 5 in PS4, I wanted to do this wallpaper fanart in Chibi style of all the Phantom Thieves of Persona 5 in their victory pose.

Bloodborne Doll FanArt

Bloodborne Doll Fan Art requested from my husband. A Cute character, one of my first illustrations on Clip Studio Paint.

Tiras Chibis

Videogame and anime strip parodies made for KoriStudio. We only do three chapters, parodies from Nier Automata, Darling in the FranXX and Persona 5.

Comic strips based on video games and anime.
  • Genres:Comedy, Parody
  • Status:Finished project.

Some strips:

GIF Animation Doodles

Doodling making GIF animations. Trying different styles and techniques. Just few frames but wanted to make a tradicitional look with some looping moves.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible
Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

InBairO2 Commercials

Commissioned animations made for InBair02. The customer asked for different kind of animations to promote this new device. First animation is in anime style animation with a shojo touch. Second one is more simple cartoonish/vector style. I worked from storyboard, character and set design to the final animation. Sound was later included by the company.

"INBair O2 is the world’s most portable, lightweight and stylish oxygen purifier. Increased oxygen gives you the boost you need to tackle a busy life."

The office fight for oxigen

Please, clean your air!

Dragon Ball Super Chafa

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. This idea came to us while we were watching Dragon Ball Super, when we were watching the Goku Black saga, we were thinking nonsense while the chapters passed and in the end we decided to make an animation of this series. It wasn't very successful, so we only did 2 pilot episodes. Anyway, we include English subtitles if you want to take a look.

"After a time of peace, Future Trunks decides to return to our time to ask the Z warriors for help against a new enemy .... Goku Nigga."
  • Genres:Parody, Adventures
  • Status:Just two pilot episodes.

Chapter 1: Goku Nigga Arrival

More episodes at KoriStudio Youtube Channel.

Equestria Girls Wallpapers

After watching the movie of My Little Pony: Equestria Girls Movie, I decided to make my own fanarts from this amazing characters. This post will be updating from time to time and been uploaded to my Deviantart account.

Twilight Sparkle Wallpaper
Sunset Shimmer Wallpaper
Pinkie Pie Wallpaper
Fluttershy Wallpaper
AppleJack Wallpaper
DJ-Pon VS Octavia Wallpaper
Rarity Wallpaper

Next character fanart: Rainbow Dash

** This project is actually on hold because the big ammount of work. Anyway, if you want me to work more on this kind of work you can support me via Patreon or Ko-fi and tell me you want me to continue this kind of illustrations. If i get enough support to conitue with it, I will gladly invest most of my time in this project.

Good VS Evil

Two faces of the same coin.

Aviable as a NFT at OpenSea and Rarible

Waving Hair

Illustration made for my Facebook page cover. I use the hair to show samples of my work.

Facebook Cover Adaptation

Pinup Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs made in Anime and Pinup Style. Based on col-md-3 mb-4ors and personality characteristics.

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