The Spider and the snake

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Available in english and spanish version. It has a location code, so it will be depending where are you playing.

After a few months learning Unity, I finally managed to publish my first casual videogame on the GooglePlay, I'm still testing how the videogame stuff works, and I'm still fixing some code problems, but the main videogame is already done! I wanted to add ads in it so it can be free for playing, and after much trying, it is already published and verified. I hope you like it and I will be waiting for your comments!

I still remember the first time I played this Videogame, it was on the PC and it was one in which you were unlocking the screen until you got an NSFW image, and I remember that I was very hooked, so when I saw the available code, I decided to create my own version of the game respecting the original idea. The original game is called Mamba and it was available many years ago on windows. I hope you like this recreation and I hope to include it in the Windows Store soon. In the case of AppleStore, I don't think I'll upload it soon since the payment they ask for publishing there is very high, apart from being annual payment. So for the moment I will focus on the platforms that give me more facilities.

I'm also premiering logo for videogames! I really want to focus everything on this CutyDina profile, I hope you like it.

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