Dragon Ball Super Chafa

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. This idea came to us while we were watching Dragon Ball Super, when we were watching the Goku Black saga, we were thinking nonsense while the chapters passed and in the end we decided to make an animation of this series. It wasn't very successful, so we only did 2 pilot episodes. Anyway, we include English subtitles if you want to take a look.

"After a time of peace, Future Trunks decides to return to our time to ask the Z warriors for help against a new enemy .... Goku Nigga."
  • Genres:Parody, Adventures
  • Status:Just two pilot episodes.

Chapter 1: Goku Nigga Arrival

Chapter 2: Goku's Nigga identity

Unfortunately, I haven't done any more episodes due to the lack of audience on our channel and because I'm dedicating myself to other projects and commissions.