Teenager Lives

Web Series made for Koristudio, my creative studio. My husband and I are huge fans of animated tv shows, that's when we came up with this crazy idea. A kind of live show where we asked characters some intimate details about their lives.

"Discover the sordid secrets of the most famous characters in the animation world. In this web-series, various animated characters are interviewed, asking them about certain topics that they have never dared to speak about."

We really enjoyed this project, but like many of our creative studio product, but it didn't succeed, and we had to focus on the work, plus the scripts were more complicated to do, also my husband didn't have time to spend more time on it. Anyway, it also has English Subtitles if you want to take a look.

  • Genres: Dark Humor, Comedy, Animation, Parody
  • Status: Finished project

Chapter 1: Shinji Ikari

Chapter 2: Seiya of pegasus

Chapter 3: Elsa from Arendell

Chapter 4: Twilight Sparkle

Unfortunately, I haven't done any more episodes due to the lack of audience on our channel and because I'm dedicating myself to other projects and commissions.